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Zoho CRM beginner training tutorial introduction

Reynold King

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  1. Hi Paul. Thanks for your help. We're new to arms and Zoho and having problems 'inviting colleagues'. The link on the email to my colleague doesn't work and it thinks its me every time. What can you suggest

  2. Thanks Paul. For Real. This is easier for me to understand as a small business owner than many of the official zoho videos.

  3. Paul thanks for your video. i would like to ask you if there is a possibility to see the picture of each user in feed and in every place inside the app. when i see all the events in one day, i cant identify which of my sales rep did that activity. i have my picture in my profile but i dont see my picture in the app, at least i need to see the initials of each name. thanks

  4. Paul, thanks so much for putting this Quick Guide video together. I am considering using Zoho for a small sales team project, and I have several questions about Zoho , your demo, what I saw and what I did not see.. Would it be possible to schedule a short call with you tomorrow to ask my questions and get some advice? I would be happy to pay you for your time and advice. Please reply back to me at: [email protected] = P: 240-603-6044 (US)

  5. Hi Paul, does CRM offer the ability to manage customers "in-life". So more from a service angle, capturing the customers deal and how they should be managed etc. during their contract?

  6. Hello Paul, thanks for the video. A quick question, have you ever tried LinkMatch for Zoho CRM? Looks like a nice integration with Linkedin

  7. hi I like your work.

    what I need from you. I want to make this type of video. how do you do it how the hell does it happen. pl do help me. I will give you credit with my whole heart in my videos.

  8. Paul, great first video. Taught us quite a bit in understanding ZOHO CRM. Can't wait to watch your next video!

  9. Realy helpful Paul, this is exactly what I've been looking for! Been wanting to implement Asana into my company for over a year and developing a custom-made solution with an expert. Bit of a daunting task I've been putting off but i think with CRM being so important to what i want to do that this has given me the confidence to jump straight in, start using the free version, then customise further down the line. Nice going!

  10. Hi Paul, nice video! I have a question do… My business sell things by internet, so we have to deal with few distributors and partners. Since our clients are from everywhere, we cannot deal with them personally. I was wondering how zoo can help us to have a database of all our partners and product distributors, so we can build a relationship with them. Maybe Zoho is not what we need? If not, do you know a software that we can use to organize our partners and distributors? Thx a lot, good job!

  11. Hey, Paul! Nice vid. You should try a tool called eClincher. It's like an all-in-one solution for social media management. It's really something!

  12. Sorry, but not. Free Bitrix24 (or Hubspot CRM) are so much better than Zoho, with more features and no limits on how many records you can have in the free plan.

  13. HI Paul thanks for all helpful tricks in Zoho, but i have one more question
    if you running the free version, how can you set up so you get important email in to the Zoho CRM ?

  14. So this really is not a tutorial on the free version. Given you are using the trial full version much of what you are describing is not available in the free version!

  15. ZOHO CRM has been listed among the top CRM software in SoftwareSuggest list. Dont believe? check yourself.

  16. can ı ask questıon about arabıc versıon dıd they have ??

  17. An interesting grass-roots tutorial. People can learn from this rapid tour thru Zoho – points out important components of Zoho deal-tracking path. I got a good idea of what lives under the bonnet.

  18. I use Zoho Mail. Looking for a way to help automate some of the day today with my side business. When a work order comes in I copy and paste all of the information from that work order into an email and send it off. I have since created some email templates or all I have to do is change the address the day the time the work order number and who it's sent to. Otherwise the attachments usually remain the same. But there is still a lot of clicks copies and pastes involved. When it comes time to payouts that gets a little annoying as well but that involves PayPal and Excel spreadsheets income comes in payouts go out what's left has tax taken out. As the business grows I don't mind spending money to help make life easier I just don't know what will if anything can make life easier

  19. Thanks a lot Paul for sharing this video.
    I have only one question as in my zoho window i'm able to see another option on the top i.e. Opportunities, same as Home, Feed, Leads, etc. can you please help me out with this, as it also contains many filters like – Is, Is not , Probability % – equals , greater than, less than, etc.

  20. Hello Sir,
    We are tour operators wanting to reach out for more prospects through our past clients. We would want to share a private link with our past clients through CRM. It will be like a Referral program. Where our past clients would give their referrals to their friends or family. Can you please kindly help. How can it be worked out through ZOHO CRM?

  21. Hello. I just want to say I replied to all the comments below…. but I recently moved my channel from a personal account to a brand account and that removed all of my old comments. So apologies for looking like I don't reply.

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  23. what must be the step after creation of lead for our sales executive team in point to record the statust of the customer

  24. Hi paul, I'm so glad I found your amazing channel. I have a security company as well with only 3 office personnel and 3 techs what advice can you give me for starting my transfer of info from Trello to Zoho?

  25. Pls explain
    We are receiving sales order in Zoho
    But now we are converting the order in Excel and raise PO through Zoho to vendor
    Very difficult to do this

  26. Hi Paul, could you say how you recorded the screen as well as showing the phone on screen too?


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